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Etsub Baltna is number one spice provisioning and processing company in Ethiopia our company is the most qualified, organic and real test spices provider in Ethiopia; In the last decaded years of experience we built strong and trust worthy relation with our customers. Today our company can produce and process more than 50 Ethiopian and word spices with out losing real organic taste and flavour.

Natural Inputs! Natural Products!

Quality products and products. We prioritize quality. All of your products and products are chemical-free products that are healthy and natural

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Our Mission

To enable manufacturing and service providing facilitation to be competitive and qualitative by all our provision & processing and trading sector.
Implementation of standards that contributes to the country’s economic and social development by the realization of technology transfer.

Our Vission

To be one of the African competitors business companies by 2025. Key to success Qualified tasted manufacturing process. Decade years of experience in this sector. Our trustful relation with our customers and suppliers.


To satisfy our stakeholders. To be safe and punctual arrival at destination to clients. To develop national products and services so as to make them competitive in the international market. Reflect the interest of the country in the field of spice processing and provisioning.

Who We Are

 Etsub & Family Trading Private Limited Company (hereinafter called Etsub or the company) is one of the pioneers in related business fields in Ethiopia. It has been in business for more than 28 years providing different food items to market. It started off as a small home-based business to grow to be one of the most renowned in the country.

The company has a goal of satisfying the basic need of society by providing necessary food ingredients in a way that is convenient and easy for use by its acquired years of experience on the field. Thus, its products pass through rigorous steps to guarantee their absolute satisfaction to the human sense as well as to keep them to the utmost quality so that they will be wholesome products.  

The products are prepared with natural ingredients without the use of any foreign artificial chemical. All in all, The company started off as a small home-based business to grow to have 151 employees currently. Since September 2007, it has become registered for high taxpayers list in ERCA and thus has increased the revenue it generates for the country. It also disburses the tax collected from employees’ income every month further increasing the revenue it generates for the country. The company has grown in capacity throughout the years and currently has its own place for the following activities on its various properties:

  • To prepare the food items
  • For packaging of prepared food items
  • Offices
  • Parking
  • Raw material
  • Storage
  • Used materials storage

The company also has shops where it puts its product to the market directly. It also supplies its products to various shops in Addis Ababa and its surrounding with the use of company vehicles. To further enhance its distribution capacity, Etsub started supplying its products outside of Addis Ababa years ago; currently it supplies its products to towns as far as Axum which is more than 1000km from Addis Ababa where the production area of the company resides. Etsub provides more than 50 food items to the available market; wholesalers, retailers, hotels, restaurants, and various institutions upon their requirements in a readily available package.



Health officer of the authority hereby certify that the above mentioned products are packed under the national hygienic requirements and are nationally consumed in the country.

Food Medicine and Health care administration and control authority, Ethiopia

What Others Say

This is to certify that the plants, plant products other regulated articles herein have been inspected and/or tested according to appropriate official procedures, and are considered to be free from the quarantine pests specified by the importing contracting party, and to confirm with the current phytosanitory requirements of the importing party, including those for regulated non-quarentine pests.

Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource, Ethiopia

What Others Say

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