Learn Amharic

Learn Amharic

Learn Amharic
English – Amharic (phonetic)
Learn some basic Amharic so that you can interact with the locals and enjoy your stay in Ethiopia by experiencing the rich culture of the Ethiopian people.
Pronunciation Guide
A as the A in father
E as the E in set
I as the I in ship
O as the O in go
U as the OO in boot
gn as the gn in the campaign (French)
(M) Masculine; (F) femine; (p) plural

Hello Hallo
Good morning Endemin adderu/ k(M) / sh(F)
Good after noon Endemin walu/ K(M) / sh(F)
Good evening Endemin ameshu/ Eh(M) / sh(F)
Good bye Dehna hunu/ hun(M) hugni(F)
How are you? Tenayistiligne/ endeminot? eh(M) / esh(F)
I am well thank you (very much) Dehna negne (betam) amesegnalehu
You’re welcome Minim aydel
Please come in Yigbu/giba(M) / gibi(F)
Please sit down Yikemetu/ tekemet(M) tekemech(F)
What is your name? Simewo man no? h(M) sh (F)
 My name is ….. Sime….no
Where do you come from? Keyet metu? ah(M) ash(F) hagero yet no? eh(M) esh(F)
I come from…. Ke…..metahu
My country is….. Hagere…..no
Can you speak Amharic? Amarigna yinageralu? Tenageraleh(M) tinageryalesh(F)
A little Tinish
I want to learn more Yebelete memar ifeligalehu
How do you find Ethiopia Itiyopiyan endet agegnuat? Hat(M) / shat(F)
I like it here Itiyopiya tesmamtognal


                  Useful words
Today Zare
Tomorrow Nege
Yesterday Tilant
Now Ahun
Quickly Tolo
Slowly Kes
Mr Ato
Mrs Weyzero
Miss weyzerit
I Ene
You Ersewo
He, she Essu, Essoa
We Egna
They Enesu
What? Min
Who? Man?
When? Meche?
How? Endet?
Why? Lemin?
Which? Yetignaw?
Yes(all right) Eshi
No Aydelem/ayhonim
Excuse me Yikerta
I am sorry aznallehu
Good Tiru/melkam
Bad Metfo


Hotel Hotel
Room kifil
Bed Alga
To sleep Metegnat
To bath Galan metateb
Where is the toilet? Metatebiya betu yet new?
Where may I get something to drink? Yemiteta neger yet agegnalehu?
Coffee Buna
One (cup of) coffee And (sini) buna
Beer birra
Cold kezkaza
Hot Muk
Tea Shay
Food Migib
Meat Siga
Fish Asa
Bread Dabo
Butter Kibe
Sugar sikuar
Salt Chow
Pepper Berbere
Shop Suk
To buy Megzat
To sell Meshet
Money Genzeb
Cent Santime
How much does this cost? Wagaw sint no?
This is quite expensive Betam wood no


One And
Two Hulet
Three Sost
Four Arat
Five Amist
Six Sidist
Seven Sebat
Eight Simmint
Nine Zetegne
Ten Asser
Eleven Asra-and
Twelve Asra-hulet
Thirteen, etc. Asre-sost, etc
Twenty Haya
Twenty-one, etc. Haya-and, etc
Thirty Selasa
Thirty-one, etc Selasa-and, etc
Forty Arba
Fifty Amsa
One hundred And-meto
One thousand And-shi


                          Directions/ emergencies
Where? (place) Yet?
Where is it? Yet no?
Where? (direction) Wodet
Street/road Menged
Airport Awiroplan marefeya
Where is the hotel? hotelu Yet no?
Where are you going? Yet iyehedu no? eh(M) esh(F)
I am going to… Wede….. iyehedku no
Turn right Wede kegne yitatefu/ tatef(M) tatefi(F)
Turn left Wede gira yitatefu/ tatef(M) tatefi(F)
Go straight Ketita yihidu/ hid(M) higi(F)
Please stop here Ezih yikumu/ kum(M) kumi(F)
Come Na(M) ney(F) nu(P)
Go Hid(M) higi(F) hidu(P)
Stop Akum(M) akumi(F) akumu(P)
Help Irdagne(M) irgigne(F) irdugne(P)
Hospital Hakem bet
Police Police


                          Days of the week
Sunday Ihud
Monday Segno
Tuesady Maksegno
Wednesday Erob
Thursday Hamus
Friday Arb
Saturday kedame
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